Testing GreenBooster

on a city bus SOLARIS URBINO 18 with diesel engine

Investigation of the effect of fuel combustion catalyst GreenBooster on fuel efficiency and emissions of city buses. The tests were conducted by the method according to the recommendations and requirements of GOST 20306-90 "Road vehicles. Fuel efficiency. The test methods." Tests on fuel economy were carried out on a straight section of track in a loop ramp.

Conditions of the trials

Fuel type

Atmosphere pressure kPa
Air temperature at intake, К
не ниже 3C
Atmosphere relative humidity, %

GreenBooster tests results

with GreenBooster without GreenBooster
- 6.47%
Mixed regime with no U-turn
- 6.47%

Mixed regime with U-turn
- 10.9%

Mixed regime on GPS data
- 23.14%

Mixed regime on gas filling station data

In the conditions close to city cycle fuel consumption decreased 11.8%

  • Special efficiency in the city cycle: 
    less problems with cold starting. 
  • Significant enhancement of engine’s efficiency due to higher intensity of burning in the combustion chamber. 
  • Decrease of maintenance cost due to cleaning up of the fuel path.


Engines’ performance with catalyst added demonstrates less vibration, engine noise and improvement of the dynamic acceleration.


GreenBooster ensures toxic emissions decrease from 25% up to 46%.

Fuel consumption decrease - 10-15%. 

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