GreenBooster — fuel oil

JSC "Guryev Metal Factory"

Conditions of the trials

Fuel type
Fuel oil

Sulfur content S%
Operating pressure of the outlet heat conductor, mPas
Temperature flash at open crucible °С
Current efficiency, %

GreenBooster tests results

With GreenBooster without GreenBooster
- 13,5%
Minimum fuel oil consumption in the smelting l / h
- 9,4%
Average consumption of fuel oil in the smelting l / h
- 9,5%
Maximum fuel oil consumption in the smelting l / h

Average smelting fuel oil consumption fell by 9.4%.

  • Special efficiency:the temperature of the flame in the middle window was 1800°C and wherein the filling and 2000°C in melting finishing. It is allowed to intensify the process of working open hearth furnace without increasing the heat load on the structural elements.
  • The marked increase in efficiency: the melting of metals dropped by an average of 30 minutes.
  • By optimizing the combustion process to reduce emissions of CO, CP and ash into the surrounding atmosphere.


Application Greenbooster not affect the quality of steel produced, while in the production allows to intensify the process of melting and reduce specific fuel consumption per unit of output. This reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Technical Report

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