Testing GreenBooster

on VАS-11113 «Oka» with gasoline engine

Conditions of the trials

Fuel type
Engine lubrication oil
SAE 15W40
Atmosphere pressure kPa
Air temperature at intake, К
Atmosphere relative humidity %

GreenBooster tests results

with GreenBooster without GreenBooster
- 23.66%
Fuel consumption in the city cycle L/100 Km
- 13,05%
Fuel consumption in the country-side cycle L/100 Km
- 8,93%
Fuel consumption at the stand test L/100 Km
  • Special efficiency 
    in city cycle: with most applied frequency of shaft speed (up to 1500...5500 per minute) and minor load, when the car engine 90% of time performs in intensive city traffic.
  • Visible engine efficiency improvement due to combustion process change: influencing the active combustion phase and improvement of engine indexes performance in total.
  • Run-up time of the automobile with a driver and one passenger decreased
    10,4 %.


Engine’s performance with catalyst added at a long test period demonstrated high cleaning and deposit control characteristics of the catalyst. There is a significant decrease of toxic components, vibration, engine noise as well as better smoothness of the dynamic acceleration.
- 15%
Fuel consumption decrease
- 40%
Engine wear decrease
- 30%
Oil consumption decrease

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