Testing GreenBooster

on VАS-2112 «LADA» with gasoline engine

Conditions of the trials

Fuel type
Atmosphere pressure kPa
Air temperature, С
Atmosphere relative humidity, %

GreenBooster tests results

with GreenBooster without GreenBooster
- 10,5%
Fuel consumption in the urban cycle l/100 km— 10,5%
- 13%
Fuel consumption speed cycle l /100km — 13%
- 11,8%
Fuel consumption in the full test cycle l / 100 km

Fuel consumption is reduced by 10-15%

  • The Special efficiency  in a city mode during heavy traffic during peak traffic.
  • Increase in maximum engine power by 11.5%, the maximum torque of 5.4%.
  • It provides long-term operation and reliability of all engine parts.


When working with a catalyst Green Booster was marked by high efficiency to improve the feasibility and environmental qualities of the engine. Reduce emissions of harmful components by 20-40%. Prolong the service life of car parts. Markedly reduced fuel consumption.

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