GreenBooster – full portfolio of INOIL fuel additives to improve energy systems and equipment performance

Significantly enhances most of the basic indexes of the combustion engine’s operation

Applying GreenBooster

Technologies developed increase energy efficiency in various industries deploying thermal combustion energy. They ensure environmental damage decrease from automobile, rail, water-borne transport, boiler-houses and furnaces, working on heavy oils.

GreenBooster additive advantages

GreenBosster portfolio are fully Russia-developed and manufactured. Products are organic, non-toxic and surpass their western counterparts in efficiency.

Efficiency Indexes with GreenBooster catalyst

  • 77.8%

    HCt (g/km)
  • 40%

  • 77.55%

    Emissions of carbon monoxide (NOx g / km)
  • 66.2%

    Emissions of nitrogen oxides (CO g/km)
  • 15%

    Emissions of hydrocarbons
  • 15%

    Fuel consumption
  • 30%

    Fuel oil
  • 40%

    Engine wear




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Dragomirov Sergey

Dragomirov Sergey

D.Sc., Professor of the «Thermal engines and power generating systems» Department Vladimirsky State University

GreenBooster complex fuel additive significantly improves practically all core indicators of the automobile engine performance - fuel efficiency, emission index, dynamics characteristics. More than that, this additive exhibits strong detergency, which positively affects spark plugs and catalyst converter condition. This is the only additive we tested that demonstrated a credible positive result. Taking into consideration GreenBooster complex fuel additive’s high efficiency, its unicity, democratic price and minimal consumption when added to fuels, I can strongly recommend it for practical deployment in various industries using reciprocating gasoline motors

Eduard Karakhanov

Eduard Karakhanov

Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Head of department of Oil Chemistry and Organic catalysis of the Chemistry (Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov) Honored Scientist of Russian Federation

GreenBooster additive contributes to higher efficiency of hydrocarbon fuels for different types of combustion engines. Their usage to a significant degree defines opportunities of transport infrastructure development and the degree of its influence on environment. Additive use allows not only to decrease fuel consumption, but also to decrease polluting emissions of exhaust gases in the atmosphere. Decrease of fuel consumption leads to less deposits in the engine and, consequently, to growth in engine’s endurance.

Vladimir Kamenev

Vladimir Kamenev

Doctor of Engineering, Professor The Leading Expert of the Central Research and Development Automobile and Engine Institute NAMI. The Russian Expert in Environment and Energy at the Committee of the European Economic Commission in Geneva

The GreenBooster catalyst additive affects the fuel combustion process, increases the indicated efficiency of internal combustion engines, and improves their technical, economic, and environmental indicators“ Tests of the catalyst in gasoline engines under UNECE Regulations No. 83 demonstrated a decrease of fuel combustion products in the engine's operating process. The test revealed a decrease of carbon oxide emissions to 18.7 %, hydrocarbons – to 37.8 %, while simultaneously improving the conversion of nitrogen oxides to 27.6 %. Fuel consumption in the driving cycle fell by 12 %. The motor and road tests confirmed improved indicators of GreenBooster's effect on engine reliability and operating life.