GreenBooster is a developer and patent-owner of the break-through technologies based on a method of direct impact on electron-spin dynamics in a given medium

Technologies developed are aimed at enhancing the energy efficiency in various industries that use thermal combustion energy and ensure substantial reduction of environmental damage from automobile, rail, water-borne transport, boiler-houses and furnaces working on heavy oils.


For practical application of this technology there were developed «GreenBooster» fuel catalysts

When added to engine fuels «GreenBooster» significantly increases engine efficiency, and simultaneously - power output with peak ratings going down.

The core idea of GreenBooster application is an opportunity to use metal-free oxidation catalyst as a component of gasoline,

which increases speed and scope of oxidation, and, correspondingly, gas enthalpy while decreasing toxic emissions.
- 15%
Fuel consumption decrease
- 40%
Engine wear decrease
- 30%
Oil consumption decrease
  • The products of GreenBooster product line do not change the physical and chemical properties of the basic fuel. Instead, GreenBooster changes the combustion process, converting the fuel into a totally new class, and reducing significantly the toxic emissions indices of exhaust gases.


Cases and trials

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