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nowadays it is the ecological performance that forces automobile and fuel producers introduce new technologies. GreenBooster additive ensures increase of the ecological class of the fuel, thus EURO-4 corresponds to EURO-5 indexes or even excels it.

Developing business in harmony with nature

Technologies developed enhance the energy efficiency in various industries that use thermal combustion energy and ensure substantial reduction of environmental damage from automobile, rail, water-borne transport, boiler-houses and furnaces working on heavy oils.

  • Our technological solutions allow our partners to create profitable growth and competitive business in harmony with environmental sustainability and good corporate citizenship.

Global standards

The ecological norms (Euro, Stage, Tier) introduced in EU, USA, Japan are aimed to protect the environment and improve ecological situation. These norms are the benchmarks for the automobile and fuel producers. Fuel and automobile certification is also based on these norms. But it is not enough to only produce automobiles with engines that correspond to high environmental norms. To prevent further pollution of the environment it is essential to use fuel of the highest class containing minimal quantities of harmful substances. The higher the fuel class is the longer life service of the engine would be, the lower would be the maintenance costs, impact on the environment and fuel consumption.

Additives impact

The catalysts, added to modern fuels are aimed at exactly improving the environmental impact. Detergents for example are aimed at preventing incrustation process in the intake system, but this leads to engine’s breakdown and to fuel consumption growth as well as toxicity of the exhaust gases.

Tests conducted on gasoline automobile engines

GreenBooster significantly increases engine efficiency, and simultaneously - power output with peak ratings going down. This leads to fuel and fuel oil consumption decrease and longer no service performance. In addition there is an impressive decrease in toxicity and smoke of the exhaust gases.

Environmental performance when tested Greenbooster on
VAZ-1113 Oka

with Greenbooster without GreenBooster
Reducing toxic components of hydrocarbons 25%
Reduced toxicity of components of carbon monoxide31%
Reduced toxicity of components for nitrogen oxides17%

Testing GreenBooster onе BMW 320d with diesel engine

with GreenBooster GreenBooster
- 10,96%
Fuel consumption in the city cycle “comfort”
- 13,15%
Fuel consumption countryside cycle “comfort”
- 16,3%
Fuel consumption in the city cycle “sport”
- 17,91%
Fuel consumption countryside cycle “sport”

Environmental performance when tested GreenBooster on gasoline "Citroen DS3 Essence"

with GreenBooster without GreenBooster
CO g/km
Reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides 66,2%
HCt g/km
Reducing emissions of hydrocarbons 77,8%
NOx g/km
Reducing emissions of carbon monoxide 77,5%

An automobile of the ecological class Euro 4 excelled Euro-6 indexes. Nowadays it is the ecological performance that forces automobile and fuel producers introduce new technologies. Fuel consumption also belongs to ecological performance index, because fuel consumption is strongly linked to СО2 emissions.

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