When added to engine fuels GreenBooster significantly increases engine efficiency, and simultaneously - power output with peak ratings going down

  • GreenBooster
  • GreenBooster
  • GreenBooster
    Residual oil
  • Fuel consumption decrease
  • Gradual clearing in the combustion chamber, prevention from further incrustation
  • Engine oils consumption decrease and longer no service life-extension of the engine
  • Toxicity and smoke exhaust levels are critically reduced
  • Special efficiency in city cycle: with most applied frequency of shaft speed (up to 2500...3500 per minute) and minor load, when the car engine 90% of time performs in intensive city traffic.
  • Visible engine efficiency improvement due to combustion process change: influencing the active combustion phase and improvement of engine indexes performance in total
  • Run-up time of the automobile with a driver and one passenger decreased 10,4 %
  • Fact
    Less problems with engine cold starting
  • Fact
    Maintenance costs decrease whereas service life period increase
  • Fact
    Fuel consumption decrease by 10-15%
  • Fact
    Retention grid Lada Samara 211340, produced in 2011. (35 000 km run, 10 000 km with additive added)
  • Fact
    Trial run on base fuel АИ-92 70 hours with no additive

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