Testing GreenBooster

onе BMW 320i with gasoline engine

Testing fuel efficiency with GreenBooster catalyst added were conducted on automobiles with gasoline and diesel engines in the Center of laboratory trials at R&D Automobile and Motor Vehicles Institute «NАМI».

Conditions of the trials

Fuel type
Gasoline Euro-3
Engine lubrication oil
Atmosphere pressure kPa
Air temperature at intake, К
Atmosphere relative humidity, %

GreenBooster tests results

with GreenBooster without GreenBooster
- 9,03%
Fuel consumption in the city cycle “comfort”
- 11,65%
Fuel consumption countryside cycle “comfort”
- 10,78%
Fuel consumption in the city cycle “sport”
- 12,13%
Fuel consumption countryside cycle “sport”

Fuel consumption decrease from 10% to 15%

  • Special efficiency in city cycle: with most applied frequency of shaft speed (up to 2500...3500 per minute) and minor load, when the car engine 90% of time performs in intensive city traffic.
  • Significant enhancement of engine’s efficiency due to higher intensity of burning in the combustion chamber.
  • Run-up time of the automobile with a driver and one passenger decreased
    10,4 %.


Engine’s performance with lower vibration and engine noise. Better smoothness of the dynamic acceleration.
- 15%
Fuel consumption decrease
- 40%
Engine wear decrease
- 30%
Oil consumption decrease

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